Ireland's World War 1 Veterans 1914-1918


Ireland's World War 1 Veterans Names database


This is a voluntary project to list the survivors of World War 1 from the island of Ireland. This is full voluntary and not for profit project. The use of the list for commercial gain is against the ethos of the project.


Research was undertaken to ascertain if there was a list of World War 1 survivor names  imilar to Ireland's War Memorial Records of those who were killed in 1914-1918 published in 1923.  No such list was discovered.


So with the absence of a list giving the names of the those who survived World War 1, it was decided to undertake a project to make a list of the names of  Ireland's World War 1 survivors.


It is hoped to list as many survivor names as possible and make the list permanently available.


The email adddress is: [email protected]