Ireland's World War 1 Veterans 1914-1918

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Ireland's World War 1 Survivors


The objective of the project is to gather and provide a database of the names of world war 1 survivors from the island of Ireland who served in World War 1 and who returned home either to Ireland or elsewhere.


This an entirely voluntary project and includes the Irish, British, American, Australian, Canadian, New Zealand, African, Indian  Regiments, the Navy, the Merchant Navy, the Flying Air Corps, the Royal Air Corps,  Medical,  Nursing, Veterinary, Chaplains, Volunteer Corps, Reserve Corps, Womens Army Auxillary Corps and the Voluntary Aid Detachment.  


The objective of the project is to list the WW1 veterans names. It is also hoped to have a permanent sculpture for those who served and survived World War 1 from the Island of Ireland.


Request for the names of Ireland's WW1 Veterans


If you have a relative or know of a person who survived World War 1 from the island of Ireland,  please send the details listed below

so their name can be added to the Ireland's WW 1 Veterans database. Please do not send any attachments:-


1. Name

2. Rank    

3. Navy - Air -  Army (Regiment)

4. County

5. Year of death  




Email:  [email protected]


If you have any information as to where the names of Ireland's WW1 survivors can be found, please get in touch.  This would include employers, sports clubs, organisations or church memorials.


Please note


The information on which is a voluntary project is made available to acknowledge and gather the names of  Ireland's world war 1 veterans.


It should not be used for any other purpose especially for profit including profit making genelogy research without express permission of the administrator. The reference or use of the list of names should not be used without first contacting the adminstrator.


Thank you to for their assistance with this project.



Photo: entrance to the former Post Office department where some world war 1 survivors returned to work when they came home from WW1.



Permanent Sculpture


There are plans in place to have a  permanent sculpture to honour those who served from the island of Ireland, whose lives were lost and those who came home.



Website update


The website is under new reconstruction and will be available by Mid December 2020.  The list of survivor names will be uploaded onto the new website.




This voluntary project to list names does not carry out individual research on behalf of WW1 relatives.  




Please email [email protected] if you wish to provide a name of a WW1 veteran/survivor.


December 2020

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